Engineered Mesh

Manufactured to ASTM standards and cut-to-size to ensure the highest quality material for your construction product.

Save Time and Money

Structural Engineered Mesh

Our engineered welded wire reinforcement production capability allows us to offer you broad range of commercial, infrastructure and residential construction. We can produce custom lengths, bending, and crimp. Our machines can handle wires up to D31 in size. We customize to meet all specifications and customers’ needs. Our products are manufactured to the requirements specified in ASTM A1064, which is the most up-to-date specification on record. Our mesh can be utilized in most precast and or cast-in-place products such as concrete pipe, barrier mesh, slabs, beams, sound walls, box culverts, bridge rail, paving, and deck panels to name a few.

Welded Wire Reinforcing (WWR) is manufactured at a higher tensile strength, it can reduce the amount of steel consumption up to 25% in traditional rebar reinforced projects, therefore lowering the overall cost to the customer. WWR has a faster placement time than rebar and can reduce overall project completion time.

Finishing options are the following:


Benefits to using welded wire reinforcement in the construction industry:

  • Reduce time and labor required for slab reinforcement, in some cases by as much as 4 to 11 times faster placements in slabs.
  • Provides the exact size of reinforcement, where needed, with variable bar sizes and spaces, reducing steel waste.
  • No site space is required for steel assembly.
  • Sheets of welded wire fabric can be bent as a single unit.


All of our materials are manufactured in the U.S.A. It’s our goal to be your permanent source for built-to-last products.

Oustanding Quality

We maintain a high degree of standards both operationally and technically. All of our processes are based on ASTM standards.

Dedicated Service

There’s no project we can’t handle. We’re committed to making your project our own by offering solutions that prioritize your needs.